East Friendship Baptist Church Experiences

JANUARY 1st-31st
FIRST FRUITS MONTH: The year begins with continued acknowledgement of God as the Giver of all, and with a renewed focus on giving tithes and offerings first to God and trusting Him as to the sufficiency of what remains.   

ANNUAL CHURCH CONFERENCE: Pastor, leadership and congregation meet to discuss the church budget, past accomplishments and future goals.

LEADERSHIP SUNDAY: A recognition of the church's leadership, including Pastor, associate ministers, trustees, deacons & ministry leaders, and their positive influence on the church and its members.

CULTURAL HERITAGE SUNDAY: A time of festivities, highlighting African-American heritage and celebrated from the Sunday Service to the fellowship hall -- members wear African garb, view artifacts, and dine on a wide variety of African-American influenced dishes.

PASTOR'S 4TH ANNIVERSARY: On this day we celebrate and appreciate our Pastor, as the Under-Shepherd of this church, his Vision for the church, and his diligence in leading the members in a Christ-centered way.

AIDS AWARENESS SUNDAY: An effort to raise awareness about the impact of AIDS on the community with hopes of distilling stigma and discrimination concerning AIDS victims.  This awareness Sunday is in addition to yearlong collections of food and toiletry items at the church that are given monthly to organizations that help AIDS victims.

APRIL 20th 
RESURRECTION SUNDAY: We celebrate the resurrection or rising from the dead, of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  As Christians we believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus rose from the dead three days after his death on the cross. Christ paid the penalty for sin and affords all who believe in Him eternal life. Resurrection Sunday is a high celebration day for Christians around the world. 

MAY 18th
WOMEN'S DAY: We applaud the many women of faith who give to the church through service and talents, and help make it active and relevant.  We appreciate our women, past and present for their important servant and nurturing spirit.  A unique recognition of our women acknowledges that two women started our church as a Sunday School over 60 year ago.

JUNE 15th
MEN’S DAY:  On this day we recognize the positive role men contribute to the church and in our lives -- we lift up their work in the church, family and society, as priest of the home, husband, father, brother and servant.
JUNE 22nd
YOUTH & SCHOLARSHIP DAY: Our youth are applauded for their accomplishments in the areas of church service and academics.  Some high school and college youth receive monetary scholarships from the church to help further their education.
WORSHIP WITHOUT WALLS:   The Church Has Left the Building!  We know that Jesus was a Street King. So every 5th Sunday, we leave the church building and head to the streets.  This is our opportunity as Disciples of Christ to GO and spread the Gospel throughout the Community.  We are a Community Church Making a World of Difference.

JULY 20th
USHERS’ ANNIVERSARY: We celebrate our Ushers as they serve the Lord with their whole heart.  They are our front line soldiers with a great welcome! They greet our guests in a way that make them feel welcome in the House of God while assisting in providing a safe and healthy environment in the church. 

SENIOR SAINTS DAY:  On this day, we celebrate, and value the contributions the senior saints have made, and are continuing to make at East Friendship Baptist Church.  We look forward of ways to serve beside our seasoned Christians who offer wisdom from lives well lived by God’s grace.

SEPTEMBER 1st-30th
SEPTEMBER SACRIFICE MONTH: This is a time we cheerfully give above and beyond our tithes and offerings. This time of genuine giving teaches us to sacrifice and give not out of our excess, but a place of sacrifice.  The finances given strengthens the finances of the church, and strengthens our faith in God’s provision.  We focus on God, the true giver of all. 

MINISTRY DAY: The Harvest is Ripe, but the Laborers are Few.  The various ministries in the Church come together to share and inform the total body of the service and purpose of each particular ministry. The goal of this experience is to recruit new disciples into the ministry.  All the ministries in the church are represented by the leadership, information is shared about each ministry, and everyone is encouraged to bring their gifts and join in the work of the Kingdom! 

NURSES’ 52ND ANNIVERSARY:  We applaud the loving care given to the Pastor and congregation at East Friendship Baptist Church.  This year marks 52 years of service, honoring those who birthed the ministry, served in the ministry and who are new in the ministry. 

MUSIC APPRECIATION SUNDAY: Our music ministry brings heaven down to earth during our worship experiences!  This ministry is a powerful tool used in building the Kingdom of God.  We honor and celebrate this ministry on Music Appreciation Sunday.

OCTOBER 15 th-17th
CHURCH REVIVAL: We feed upon the Word of truth! We invite the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts, our church, and bring spiritual growth and power:  Holy Ghost power that will sustain victorious living, connect us with the vision for the Church of saving souls and strengthening saints. 

HOMECOMING:  What a Time of Rejoicing and Celebration!  Our family comes together in love and fellowship.  We reach out to family members we may not have seen in a while, lovingly connect to our newer family members, and feast in the Lord with friends and family.

ENGAGED AND MARRIED MINISTRY SUNDAY: Awesome!  Team - Pastor and First Lady Maxwell lead this ministry with along with three additional Team Couples.  In this Ministry, we use biblically based teachings that are designed to establish a strong foundation for a Christ-centered relationship or to restore broken relationships.  This experience focuses on God’s plan and purpose for marriage, family, praying together, communication, sexuality, trust and so much more.

62ND CHURCH ANNIVERSARY: We celebrate the Church that started out as a Sunday School! God is glorified for all He has allowed us to do in the life of East Friendship Baptist Church.  We celebrate our roots so that new generations will know the history of our Church.  We also look forward to the vision and hope God has for our Church.